masthead downtown over masthead midtown

Kayak is a locally-owned casual café located in the heart of Savannah's Historic District. We have a friendly staff and a great location and we are a great choice for lunch or dinner whether you are just strolling around the downtown scene shopping, meeting clients, or you just want to have some great food while you "people watch" from our outdoor tables. Kayak Kafé has a casual, open dining room that bustles with locals during the day, then transforms into a great place to grab a bite at night. Our food is eclectic and fresh and we are consistently rated the best place in town for fresh salads and seafood. We make the best tacos in town, with a variety of choices from a local favorite, our Famous Roasted Tilapia Tacos, to our best-selling Lime-Chicken Tacos with Georgia Corn Salsa. We only serve local shrimp and buy organic, natural foods whenever we can.

recycle   We use only biodegradable TFPP food containers & compostable PLA drink cups & we recycle all glass, plastic and cardboard.






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